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Headstrong Evening Club

The Thomas Paine Society Invites You To Celebrate Thomas Paine's Birthday.

Saturday, January 29th, 2011 - 7 p.m.

Topic for the Evening:
Wikileaks: Freedom of Speech or Treason?

The guest promoting the most reasoned dialogue will be presented with the Headstrong Book for signing (See below) and a copy of Common Sense.

Join Thomas Paine*, his good friend Thomas Jefferson* and Mary Wollstonecraft* in a rousing evening of conversation, good food and libations as we recreate Paine's favorite English haunt, the White Hart Inn, fireside at the historic:

Castle Green
99 S.Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105

The Castle Green -  The Living Room

Price of Admission: $35 per person - TP & CFI Members, Students & Seniors (60yrs) $25 per person. (All Tickets Will Call at Castle Green).
Space is Limited So Purchase Your Tickets Today!

Includes: Light Fare, breads and cheeses, hot buttered rum, wine, ale, non-spirited drinks and an opportunity to experience history. Each $35 ticket is tax deductible up to $25. Each $25 ticket is tax deductible up to $15.

*Actors: Ian Ruskin as Thomas Paine - Dale Reynolds as Thomas Jefferson - Ellen Snortland as Mary Wollstonecraft

All Tickets - Will Call at the Door - Shipping Info for Confirmation Only

TP & CFI Member Tickets &

Students & Seniors (60yrs)
Non-Member Tickets

The Headstrong Club

Before Thomas Paine ventured across the Atlantic to fire up the American Revolution, he honed his debating skills in Lewes, England at the White Hart Inn where a debating society called the White Hart Evening Club or perhaps more appropriately the Headstrong Club met fireside to enjoy tankards of ale and plates of oysters while debating the various important issues of the day. Many of the Club's topics are familiar today, such as, corrupt elections, the division of rich and poor and the question of the basic rights of the people.

When debates heated up and became intractable, the most compelling arguer was presented with the Headstrong Book, which was kept as a prize until the next meeting. It is believed that Paine held the book more than any other debater.

It was during his time in Lewes that Paine began to dabble with the written word when his ability to reason and persuade was admired and encouraged by his fellow club members.

We hope you will join us at The Headstrong Evening Club where conversation among friends will inspire and encourage all to active citizenship in the spirit of Thomas Paine.

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