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Thomas Paine Society Research Library


Books: Thomas Paine


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Pamphlets and Journals:


Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Journal of the Thomas Paine National Historical Assn2000 Vol 1, Autumn.


Journal of Radical History of the Thomas Paine Society UK2006 Vol. 8 #3

2007 Vol. 8 #4 and Vol. 9 #1

2008 Vol 9. #2 and #3

2009 Vol. 10 #1

2010 Vol. 10 #2 and #3

2011 Vol. 11 #1

2012 Vol. 11 #2 and #3

2013 ?


Lapham’s Quarterly. 2012-2013.


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Books: The American Revolution


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French Revolution


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History and Philosophy


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