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A PBS website with information about Thomas Paine and other freethinkers.

The works of Thomas Paine online at .

Thomas Paine Commemorative issue free download.

Museum and Monument are on a cluster of historical sites located on Paine's New York farm.

Extensive list of online Thomas Paine resources.

Encourage people to learn about and from Thomas Paine, his time and his philosophy. Inspire participation in public affairs reflecting the spirit of Paine's life, thoughts and ideals. They also promote Thomas Paine State Holidays.

Founded in 1884, its first President Dr. Moncure Conway wrote the first comprehensive biography of Thomas Paine. Thomas Edison was vice president. They oversee the Thomas Paine Museum and Archives.

Est. in 1963 in Paine's hometown of Thetford, England.

Featuring Thomas Paine.

A play about Thomas Paine.

Ken Burchell @ Blogspot.

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