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Featuring books by and about Thomas Paine and those with alternative and uncommon views of American history.


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Thomas Paine Research Library


Dedicated October 23, 2011


"It is only by tracing things to their origin that we can gain rightful ideas of them..." --Thomas Paine.


The Thomas Paine Society is proud to announce the addition of the Thomas Paine Research Library to their offices in Pasadena, California. Committed to the ideas and ideals of Thomas Paine, the Library will be a repository for works by and about Thomas Paine, and by authors that influenced Paine. The Library will include books on subjects that Paine was passionate about; American and World History, Religion, The Enlightenment, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Government , Reason and the Scientific Method. The Library will also search out and acquire important artifacts relating to Thomas Paine for display


In the 202 years since his death in 1809, Thomas Paine's ideas have been misrepresented, misappropriated and distorted, more often than not, for the purpose of furthering a political agenda directly opposed to Paine's beliefs. Unfortunately this has been the case with much of history which, as they say " written by the victors." It is the goal of The Thomas Paine Research Library to make available materials that will inspire a new method of scholarship to challenge the long held misconceptions of the past.


The Mission of the Thomas Paine Research Library:


The Thomas Paine Research Library will serve as a repository for books and other media by and about Thomas Paine and will also house a variety of uncommon resources for scholars, researchers and others interested in challenging the standard view of American and World history, enabling a new and objective story to be told.


George Santayana said: "If we don't learn from history we are doomed to repeat it."  But if history is flawed, incomplete or out and out wrong, we face a much greater danger - ignorance.



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